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Sprouting nuts unleashes hidden nutrition

Sprouting nuts replicates the germination process so tough enzymes covering nuts are broken down BEFORE you eat them. When we eat un-sprouted nuts our digestive system is working so hard to breakdown the enzyme that nutrients such as Protein and Fat are not absorbed properly and wash away.


When we Sprout our nuts your digestive system works less, allowing your body to absorb more nutrition with energy to spare for optimal well being.


Soak. Rinse. Dry.

Our process is simple and mimics the natural germination process. Our sprouting nuts method has been lovingly calculated to perfectly employ the power of soaking and rinsing in the purest water imaginable. We finish our nuts with low heat exposure and package them with the utmost love and positivity.

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"I love Spruts! I got turned on to them several months ago and have placed multiple orders. Always fresh...always delicious!"

— Larry M.

"I always bring a bag of spruts with me when I’m traveling or know I have a busy day ahead and won’t have time to stop and snack! Not only are they easy to throw in my bag but also taste amazing and digest easier than any non sprouted nuts. Highly recommend!"

-Molly K.

"I ordered Spruts trail mix to give out as welcome treats for my wedding in Northern Michigan and they were a HIT!! Everyone was raving about them and they were the perfect pick me up, packed with protein, to keep my guests dancing throughout the night!"

-Kate B.


Family & Female Owned

Sprouted Nuts Team

Spruts was founded in 2014 by mountain woman and mother-extraordinaire Gwen Weiner and her two daughters Liz and Olivia. During an Ashram retreat in Calabasis, Gwen and some of her like-minded friends were introduced to sprouted nuts and were positively delighted by their dynamic flavor, buttery texture and clean energy. These edible treasures kept the women energized for their many mountain adventures throughout the week.

Gwen returned home with a new favorite snack for her and her family. Word spread. The Weiner girls had a great nut recipe. Friends and neighbors alike lined up for a little taste of sprouted greatness.  

Liz and Olivia jumped on board and Spruts (Sprouted+Nuts = Spruts) a family-female owned and operated business came to be.