People like us. They really, really like us!

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that looks pretty good...

that looks pretty good...

Almonds & Asana

Victoria, an amazing Yoga teacher in Chicago tried our sprouted walnuts and instantly became hooked. She liked them so much, she wrote out a recipe for pesto and drizzles it all over some Salmon. Smart girl!


Ignited Couching

We met Lupe of Ignited Coaching while attention the Well Summit in NYC on November 4th. Lupe and Olivia immediately connected after she passed Lupe some samples. Lupe was quickly interested in Spruts and added us to her list of Brands she Loves!

Check out her blog post for more info on Spruts and other brands she loves


Well Insiders

Well Summit, what an amazing event in November 2017! The organizers of the Summit reviewed Spruts and interviewed us for a little history.

We think they did a pretty great job ;) Learn about sprouting, howe we got started and what's next for Spruts!


Lee From America

Lee hosted a Smoothie Bowl event in September of 2015 and used Spruts as her preferred nut for the added taste, texture and nutrition!

The recipe is "banana-less cookie dough smoothie bowl contains superfood powders like lucuma and maca, both of which help focus and resilience. There are absolutely no cookies or animal products in this bowl, making it vegan, raw, and therefore, extremely delicious!"

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Bonjour & Hola

After meeting a fellow health nut at the pool at Soho House, we got to chatting! The team interviewed one of the co founders Olivia about getting started and the benefits of sprouting.

Check out the feature!

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Refinery 29 - Most Eligible Bachelorette

Co Founder Olivia was featured as one of NYC's most Eligible Bachelorette's in 2014. Check out her interview where she talks about Spruts and the benefits!